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How to build the Ultimate Workbench - Playlist

This is a playlist of making the Ultimate Workbench

RESTORATION of a 1930´s Coffee Grinder

This is a passion project of mine. As somebody who loves coffee and old machines this was a dream to work on. In these two videos I show you the entire process of restoring a completely wasted old coffee grinder, as I try to make it new again. Hope you enjoy!

Making a BEAUTIFUL Side Table from CHEAP material

In this video I am making a small side table from solid oak for a friend of mine.

Making a Knife Block

In this video I show you how I made a knife block for your kitchen. The block is made from oak and filled with skewers. The skewers I got are from bamboo.The knife block holds around 8 kitchen knifes, 3 big, 5 small in my case.

Make better Cocktails with this

Hi everyone, It´s summertime, beach time, cocktail time! I wanted to make a very simple little project once again, so this one is perfect. This cocktail muddler takes less than half an hour to make, but is quite a handy little tool! If youre in need for a small gift, this is the perfect idea, that you can get creative with!

How to make a Honey Dipper. Simple wood turning

Hey folks! This is supposed to be more of a relaxing video. Pure wood turning. No Talking. Hope you enjoy!

Making parts for a Marble Machine X - Playlist

This is a video playlist on how I made certain parts for

Making a File Handle - Playlist

This is a video playlist on how to make a File Handle

From Firewood to Art - How to make a bottle holder

In this video I show how you can make a small holder for one wine bottle out of an old log. There are no limits to your imagination and I show just three ways you can do it. Enjoy!

`Saving` a 30 year old kitchen knife

I´m back! This video is about kind of restoring a completely rotten kitchen knife. It has seen many uses and even more sharpening devices that messed it up. I tried to save what's to save, gave it a new handle and made it fit again.

How to make an adapter for phone lenses

How to improve clip on lenses for your phone.

How to make a touchscreen pen

In this video I show you how to make a custom pen for the touchscreen, that will last a lifetime.

Making a Bamboo Desk Shelf

In this video I am making a custom desk shelf and show you an alternative way of wood turning if the normal way seems too risky.

Making Chopsticks

This is my first video in which I want to show you how i made chopsticks from otherwise unusable off cuts. Hope you enjoy!

How to make a kitchen rack

This video is again about problem solving in a small kitchen. But the recipe from here can be used for all sorts of small shelves and racks.


Hey guys, this one is not a proper video but just me ranting about fidget spinners... while making one... and resolving my issue with them xD

Making a candle holder

ust a quick holiday special to wish you all a wonderful time! Enjoy these days until the new year and have a great start into 2019!

Machine Oil change

In this short video I show you the process of changing oil in my old drill press.